Operator cycled, walk-up bander capable of up to 50 cycles/minute. Entry level price point. Thermostatically controlled heat-weld sealer and Mosca’s DC brushless direct-drive technology.

  • ROMC-6

    Large-arch, operator cycled system for demanding, large product applications. Available with Mosca Standard 6 Strap Path technology with Heat Seal or Sonixs.


    Heavy duty walk-up bander available with Standard 6 Sealer in Sonixs or thermostatically controlled heat seal.


    Superior off-line bundler with wide arch sizes. Uses the same strapway as Mosca’s top of the line automated equipment.

  • ROM-RI

    Fully-automatic strapping system features a special ring-shaped strap track that retracts into its tabletop.

  • MOM-8

    Trackless, operator cycled table-top strapping system for low volume packaging operations where highly reliable performance is desired.

  • ROMP-6-VA

    New! The ROMP-6-VA is an automatic, stainless steel, walk-up strapping system that features a stainless table-top and a moisture resistant version of Mosca’s Sonixs ultra-sonic sealer.

  • ROMS6-VA-Sonixs

    La ROMS6-VA-Sonixs es una máquina flejadora con laterales de acero inoxidable, está diseñada para brindar un excelente rendimiento en ambientes fríos y/o húmedos típicos de las operaciones de envasados de carnes y mariscos.