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Corporate Responsibility

Health & Safety Commitment

EAM-Mosca management is committed to working with employees to provide a safe and healthful workplace, with zero accidents. Our Health and Safety Policy outlines social responsibility to ensure safe working conditions and motivate employee efforts to improve their safety behavior.

    • We have received five safety awards in the past eight years from our Worker’s Comp carrier, Sentry Insurance, WI.
    • We have safety and accident prevention programs, including a “no drug” policy, hands-on safety training, PPE policy, and drug and alcohol testing.

Environmental Mission Statement

At EAM-Mosca, we continually refine methods of operation to ensure that all products supplied to our customers are manufactured in the most resource-efficient way possible. This demonstrates our wise use of resources:

    • Reducing unnecessary consumption of materials, supplies, utilities, and transport across all EAM-Mosca products, processes, and activities, both internal and external.
    • Pursuing continuous improvement to annually achieve a reduction in unit resource consumption across the entire organization.

Green Initiative Objectives

We strive to develop the highest quality strapping systems while reducing our environmental impacts during the entire product life-cycle. Our objectives are:

    • To develop strapping systems (machinery and strapping) that consume minimal resources to manufacture, pack, ship, and operate in compliance with REACh Regulations and RoHS requirements.
    • To continuously improve products and processes that assure our business viability and leadership in environmental responsibility.
    • To actively involve suppliers, employees, and customers to embed a strong, economically based environmental program.
    • To apply Environmental Policy across the entire organization, including all activities, processes, and products where greater environmental efficiency is realistic and achievable.

Conflict Mineral Policy

    • EAM-Mosca Corp. is committed to supporting the objective of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Section 1502. As an integral part of the United States humanitarian efforts, many of our customers, U.S. publicly traded companies, must meet regulatory obligations to disclose the origin of minerals commonly used in the electronics industry (known as 3TG – tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold).
    • Although, as a privately held company, EAM-Mosca is not subject to the SEC Conflict Mineral reporting, we strive to provide our customers with information when they need it to comply with this law.
    • Should you require evidence of compliance with the Dodd-Frank Conflict Mineral policy, please contact us. Additional information about EAM-Mosca’s Quality, Environmental, and Safety Compliance is also available on request.