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Strapping Machines for Home & Office

From office chairs to kitchen cabinets, our machines can effectively secure and protect your product for shipment and storage. For unique applications, our engineers can customize systems or retrofit into existing lines.

Strapping Products for Home and Office Furniture

If desks, shelving, cabinets, or other products are damaged or delayed in transit, you’ll face added costs, lose time making up for the loss, and risk losing your customer in the process.

EAM-Mosca strapping machines can help overcome these challenges. Our strapping equipment for furniture manufacturers is the solution for safely and efficiently packing and shipping home and office products. You can depend on our team for the skill and expertise to assist you in determining the best strapping system to meet your needs.

High-End Strapping Materials for Home and Office Products

Our company manufactures multiple strapping machines for furniture producers, including a selection of fully automatic and operator-cycled solutions. This equipment is designed to work with our industrial-strength plastic strapping — a lightweight, non-rusting alternative to traditional steel strapping that delivers consistent tension, width, and break strength.

We offer strapping made from polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET). The strap width and type appropriate for your product will depend on your shipments’ weight, dimensions, and several other factors. Highlights of each include:

  • PP: PP has excellent elasticity and shape recovery, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Some of the more common uses for PP strapping include bundling, securing cartons, and restraining loads stacked on pallets.
  • PET: PET strapping combines elasticity, UV resistance, and exceptional strength. This strap type is made from 100% recycled plastic. It has excellent shock absorption, resists elongation, and is often selected for securing loads that are heavier or have less stability.

How Our Products Serve the Furniture and Appliance Industry

We offer strapping machines for appliances and furniture uniquely suited to different applications. All are designed to help achieve the same target goal of keeping your home and office products protected during transport and storage.

Our selection includes solutions for:

  • Carton closing: Secure boxes containing loose items, such as unassembled furniture parts.
  • Load securing: Restrain furniture and appliances squarely and accurately onto pallets for shipment.
  • Product bundling: Bundle unboxed loose items together for protection and to improve inventory controls.

SoniXs® Ultrasonic Sealing Technology

Our SoniXs® line of strapping equipment for furniture manufacturers delivers superior results. SoniXs® systems use revolutionary technology to seal PP and PET strapping using high-frequency, low-amplitude vibrations to join strap ends together. The outcome is a solid, reliable seal and a process that’s safer, more consistent, more energy-efficient, and more eco-friendly than using machines that form seals with heat.

Additional advantages of upgrading to SoniXs® strapping products for home and office furniture include:

  • Instant startup and automatic calibration
  • Indisputable evidence in case of tampering
  • Enhanced durability and resistance to wear
  • Stronger, more reliable PP and PET strap seals
  • Superior feeding and sealing consistency at high speeds

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