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Strapping Machines for USPS and Government 

With a long history in the mailing industry, our systems are proven to provide reliable automatic, high-speed bundling for tubs, totes, and mail trays. Our USP-2 strapping machine has been specifically engineered to strap mail trays in the direction of the conveyor for convenience and maximum security. The 600mm arch size is popular for totes and bundles, while the 800mm arch is best for tray applications.

Read our Mailing Industry Guide for more information.

Strapping Products for USPS and Government Applications

EAM-Mosca strapping and strapping machines for the mailing industry deliver the power and performance necessary to help you transport bins, trays, and cartons safely and process more mail.

We manufacture an impressive line of direct-mail strapping equipment built to handle demanding applications, including manual and automatic machines. Let us know what challenges you need to overcome, and our team will help you navigate our product catalog to create a strapping system built around your unique needs.

If you have special requirements, we can develop a customized solution designed to help you achieve maximum productivity and greater efficiency.

Advanced Strapping Materials for Postal Shipments

The strapping we manufacture is ideal for direct-mail applications and designed to meet U.S. Postal Service specifications. Our offerings include strapping made from polyester and polypropylene. Plastic strapping is the best choice for mail or packaging materials.  It is lightweight, recyclable, seals reliably and securely and is available in a variety of colors. Clear smooth, one color option, allows sorting equipment to easily read labels and barcodes through the strapping for proper sorting.

Our strapping products help you save on costs and consume fewer resources by delivering multiple advantages that will help you get better results and keep expenses low. Other benefits of our PP and PET postal strapping materials include:

  • Excellent performance at high speeds
  • Superior durability and resistance to wear
  • Consistent dimensions and product strength

PP and PET strapping are each suited for different applications. Talk to our team about yours.

A Complete Line of Strapping Machines for Bulk Mail

Our product catalog includes strapping machines for the mailing industry capable of performing different specialized tasks. Together, they all work to help you reinforce bulk deliveries, ensure better security during storage and transport, and help you achieve greater productivity.

We have direct-mail strapping equipment for:

  • Closing: Seal cartons and totes with speed and efficiency using units capable of closing up to 50 units per minute.
  • Bundling: Improve your operational efficiency with automatic and operator-cycled machines designed for rapid bundling.

The Advantages of Sonixs® Postal Strapping Equipment

Our SoniXs® line of strapping machines for bulk mail applications delivers even more features and benefits over traditional designs. Rather than using heat to form seals, SoniXs® sealing equipment uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to seal PP and PET strap ends together.

SoniXs® technology auto-calibrates before every seal and will optimize resource consumption, resulting in less waste and better per-package strapping costs. These products require no warmup time. They are built to last and easy to care for with simple and inexpensive maintenance requirements.

Several options are available, with additional benefits that include:

  • Eco-friendly operation
  • Low noise generation
  • Increased seal strength
  • Reduced energy consumption

One of the best features you get with SoniXs® is the indisputable evidence you need if anyone tampers with your packages. The seal impression applied also works as a deterrent, helping prevent tampering before it occurs.

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