Building Products

Strapping Machines For Building Products

Our machines are engineered for a range of applications and can strap various building products, including cabinets, windows, doors, and flooring. The experts at EAM-Mosca can recommend machines based on packing orientation, size, and weight of the product and required tension.

Strapping Solutions for Building Products

If you’re storing or shipping building products, we’ll help you make sure they remain safe and protected so they arrive at their final destination in pristine condition. Our strapping products for construction materials handle the processes and applications you need to secure shipments for the construction industry. Our team will help you navigate our product line or engineer a custom solution that meets your specific technical requirements.

Serving the Building Products Industry

The high-speed and heavy-duty equipment and strapping we produce are ideal for packing and shipping building products and construction supplies. Our offerings can accommodate everything from heavy foundation and framing supplies, like siding, roofing, and lumber, to finishing materials like flooring, cabinets, ceramic ceiling tiles, and more.

We manufacture our strapping products for construction materials using durable plastic. A recyclable, lightweight material that won’t rust, plastic is an excellent alternative to using steel and represents a noticeable improvement in packing technology. Our strapping comes in two different materials to match your needs:

  • Polypropylene (PP): Our PP strapping is the perfect option for strapping small to large product bundles and securing light pallet loads.
  • Polyester (PET): PET strapping is a superior alternative to steel typically used to restrain expanding materials and heavier, unstable loads.

Container and Packaging Applications

We produce multiple strapping machines and strapping suited for use in container and packaging applications. Our conveyors, strapping machines, and strapping allow you to automate tedious and time-consuming processes with the accuracy you require. We’ll enable you to deliver your products confidently and within the narrow time frames that your customers demand.

Our solutions include products for:

  • Carton closing: Bind cartons for safe transport.
  • Load securing: Tightly restrain products to pallets.
  • Bundling: Bundle bulk items like panels and tile.

Next-Generation Strapping Solutions

SoniXs® sealing technology is the latest innovation in commercial and industrial strapping solutions. This revolutionary system uses ultrasonic waves to bond PP and PET strap ends together with more strength and reliability than ever before.

Our SoniXs® strapping machines for building products are versatile and simple to maintain. They deliver exceptional performance in demanding applications and offer multiple other advantages that include:

  • Higher seal strength
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Tamper-evident packaging
  • Lower equipment emissions
  • Increased equipment longevity
  • Reduced operating noise levels
  • Improved resource consumption

SoniXs® ultrasonic strap sealing systems produce premium results using PP and PET strapping. They also rapidly self-calibrate before making every seal, helping to ensure accuracy, eliminate rework, and expedite production.

Learn More About Our Industrial-Strength Strapping Machines and Materials

EAM-Mosca products will make your warehouse operations more productive and efficient while helping you ensure the safe transportation of your finished goods. Let us know what products and materials you need to secure, and we’ll help you determine which of our industry-leading solutions will best match your unique specifications and operating budget. 

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