High performance, fully automatic strapping machine with controls customized to meet application requirements, belt or roller conveyor and Heat Weld or Sonixs sealing options

The TR-6 features the innovative Standard-6 precision Strap Path, direct drive sealer with sealed bearing construction, sophisticated control program that can be tailored to meet individual needs and accessories to make it the best solution for high-volume, performance intensive applications.

    • Wear-free DC brushless direct-drive technology with simplified mechanics
    • Unique fully enclosed strap track system guarantees superior feed reliability
    • Available with Standard 6 thermostatically controlled heat-weld sealer or proprietary Sonixs ultrasonic sealer
    • Lever style sealed bearing construction sheds dirt and dust and extends service intervals
    • Standard 6 Strap Path and Sealer provide unprecedented strap cycle reliability
    • Variable speed belt conveyor or optional roller conveyor. Roller conveyor recommended for heavier or abrasive packages to avoid belt wear
    • Heavy-duty two fixed and two lockable swivel casters for balanced portability and secure positioning
    • Entry (Base) model offers membrane type push-button operator panel with leading/trailing edge strap placement in the following arch sizes with center seal only:
      • 600mm w x 600mm h
      • 800mm w x 600mm h
    • Advanced (Pro) model features a B&R PLC with HMI and an array of control and package management options including external data input to control strap quantity and location as well as other package driven operating parameters
    • The Pro model is available in the following arch sizes with a mix of centered and offset seal positions to align with package flow requirements:
      • 500mm w x 600mm h
      • 600mm w x 600mm h
      • 800mm w x 600mm h
      • 800mm w x 800mm h
    • Dry contacts for up/downstream integration into automated production lines
    • Production rate up to 45 units per minute, depending on track and bundle sizes
    • Paint finish: Mosca Blue


    • High level of mechanical strap path integrity and strap cycle consistency for maximum uptime
    • Integrates flexibly into production lines for seamless automation
    • Data input from HMI, network or operating system to control strap quantity, position and related machine parameters for optimized package quality
    • Reduced service and daily cleaning requirements with extended service intervals
    • Intuitive interface for operational efficiency and operator convenience

    • TR6-Base: Entry level automation for basic requirements with little package variation
    • TR6-Pro: sophisticated automation for varied package presentations and external communication requirements
    • Roller conveyor for heavy or abrasive packages
    • Pneumatic or electrically powered press and backstops
    • Multiple entry/exit table extensions
    • Light tower with audible trouble signal
    • Adjustable side guides
    • Remote data input for custom strap patterns, locations, tension control and related parameters
    • Remote program access for updates and troubleshooting


  • ROMP-6

    Innovative Standard 6 Sealer and Strapway provide unparalleled performance in an operator cycled bander.

  • ROMP-6B & ROMP-6R

    Innovative Standard 6 Sealer and entry level automation with belt or roller conveyor.


    Operator cycled entry level, walk-up heat seal bander capable of up to 50 cycles/minute.