TR-6 Strapping Machines
TR-6 Strapping Machine
TR-6 Fold Up
TR-6 Mosca Strapper
TR-6 Strapping Machine
TR-6 Bundler
TR-6 Strapping Machines
TR-6 Strapping Machine
TR-6 Fold Up
TR-6 Mosca Strapper
TR-6 Strapping Machine
TR-6 Bundler

TR-6 SoniXs®

The TR-6 SoniXs® fully automatic strapping machine is available in two convenient configurations, base and pro for maximum flexibility, and combines high-speed with low-cost and reliability. Leading/trailing strap placement options as standard. Mosca’s proprietary SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing technology creates a reliable, strong seal with increased cycle life, no warm-up required, reduced cleaning, and preventive maintenance.

Key Features

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SoniXs® Technology

Fully Automatic

Closing / Securing

Up to 40 Units/Minute

Track Width Up to 1000mm

Product Information

Production Rate: Up to 40 bundles per minute

Track Size:

  • Base: 500mm x 400mm, 600mm x 600mm, 800mm x 600mm
  • Pro: 500mm x 600mm, 600mm x 600mm, 800mm x 600mm, 800mm x 800mm, 1000mm x 1000mm

Electrical: 100-600V, 50/60hz, 1 Ph 0.25 KVA


  • Base: Push button panel operator interface (upgrade to Pro controls available)
  • Pro: B&R PLC/HMI with advanced controls

Air Requirements: Pneumatic press option: 3 CFM @87 psi

  • Standard: Belt conveyor 3” between center belts
  • Optional: Roller conveyor

Table Height:

  • Standard: 27.6” (700mm) – 34.3” (870mm)
  • With Risers: 34.3”(870mm) – 40.9” (1040mm)

Strapping: SoniXs® sealer runs PP strap and select PET strap 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm
Strap Tension: Infinitely adjustable up to 60 lbs.
Strap Seal: SoniXs® Ultrasonic seal with DC brushless direct drive motor
Seal Location: Base & Pro: All sizes availaible in Center seal or Offset
Machine Shipping Weight: Approx. 900 Lbs.
Casters: Four swivel-lock casters.Two stabilizing feet

Versions and Options

  • Photo Eye (for automatic cycle start)
  • Pneumatic press and/or backstops
  • Powered belt conveyor
  • Powered roller conveyor
  • Multiple entry/exit table lengths for belt conveyor
  • Light tower
  • Adjustable side guides
  • Remote program access (Pro model)
  • Dual dispenser
  • Automatic coil changer


TR-6 SoniXs Product Brochure


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  • Machine Type: Fully Automatic
  • Track Size (W x H): 500mm x 400mm to 800mm x 800mm (base) 500mm x 500mm to 1000mm x 1000mm (pro)
  • Table Type: Powered Belt or Roller Conveyor
  • Strap Size: 5 - 12mm
  • Strap Type: PP or PET
  • Strap Seal: SoniXs®
  • Seal Location: Bottom
  • Production Rate: -

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I widely recommend EAM-Mosca de Mexico as a supplier of all of our distribution centers nationwide of bundlers, strap, spare parts, and…

Chief Buyer, OXXO
The installation of the Mosca strapping machine was seamless.” “It’s very easy to work with, and EAM-Mosca provides excellent support and training.…

MRO Technical Buyer
Being in the pharmaceutical industry, we process thousands of orders each and every day to our customers. Thanks to EAM-Mosca strapping systems,…

Project Manager, Distribution & Facility Engineering, AmerisourceBergen
Well, our trash cans are no longer filled with strap…the Fusions have certainly made my life a little easier!

Maintenance Manager, Mickey’s Linen
With all the trouble we had with other arch strapping machines, I had gone to IWF looking for alternatives for our packaging.…

President and Owner, Norton-Smith Hardwoods Corporation
Feed reliability is light years better than the prior equipment!

Molded Plastic Packaging Company

Case Study

Learn how OXXO, a convenience store chain in Mexico increased production and the tamper resistance of their products with the TR SoniXs series of strapping machines.

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