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Top Tips To Choosing The Right Strapping Machine For Your Application

Choosing the right strapping machine for your application significantly improves performance and productivity. With such a wide range of choices, it can be a daunting task. To help, we’ve highlighted some of the main features to look for when considering a strapping system.

Semi-Automatic Machines

Semi-Automatics are good solutions when strapping is a preferred process for low volume bundling of loose material and carton closing. Operator involvement involves looping a strap end around the product, inserting it into the sealer, and tripping a switch that causes the sealer to tension, cut and seal the strap. Cycle time is several seconds plus product handling time. Economics favor this equipment for occasional needs. More continuous strapping requirements call for a more automatic solution.

Operator Cycled Automatic or Walk-up Machines

Basic automatic or walk-up units add a strap feed track to the design, limiting operator participation in the strapping cycle to placing the package on the table and hitting a switch or tripping a sensor that activates the strap cycle. The strapping cycle takes a second, more or less, depending on track and package size, plus package handling time. While walk up installations may be capable of processing up to 10 packages per minute, such a steady pace argues for a higher level of automation.

EAM-Mosca offers three walk-up, bottom sealing machines, the ROM-Fusion, ROMP-6 SoniXs, and ROMC6 SoniXs:


A low-cost but highly reliable strapper for lighter-duty applications. Track size range goes up to 1250mm (49”) wide x 600mm (23.6”) high. It uses a heat seal and PP strapping.

Applications for the ROM-Fusion include:

  • Bundling printed material and mail bundles, including books, magazines, newspapers, and marketing materials
  • Catalog fulfillment centers for securing parcels of any packaged product
  • Bundling paper bags and sacks
  • Commercial and medical laundry and linen bundling
  • Securing small wire coils for packaging and shipping
  • Hatcheries that ship live chicks in containers via priority parcel delivery

ROMP-6 SoniXs

A High-performance walk-up machine series with the SoniXs sealer that is used in Mosca’s top-of-the-line automated bundling systems. The seal position is 12 inches from the vertical track on the sealer side, which means that it is centered in the track for the 600mm wide model and offset for larger track openings. Track widths go up to 1650mm (65”) and heights to 1250mm (49”). Cycles may be initiated by the operator using a pushbutton, footswitch, or optionally by pushing the package past a sensor.

Applications are too many to list, but include:

  • Corrugated and solid fiber plants for bulk bin reinforcement and divider bundling
  • Commercial laundries: strapping bundles of folded laundry
  • Meat packers: strapping boxes of cut parts
  • Door/window packaging: tying protective packaging to the products
  • Wood veneer bundling: bundling stacks of veneer strips
  • USPS and commercial printers and mailers: strapping printed material and zip sorted mail
  • Plumbing supplies, auto parts and similar small part packaging: closing individual boxes and case packed products
  • Catalog fulfillment centers: securing boxes for parcel shipment
  • Dry ice manufacturers: closing insulated boxes of dry ice for shipment
  • Greenhouses: securing boxed plants for parcel shipment
  • Office furniture: packaging boxed and flat panels
  • Miscellaneous manufacturers including auto roof rack and fitness equipment packaging

Because the ROMP6 uses the same sealer as fully automatic Mosca bundlers, it is the best choice for off-line applications in plants using automated Mosca products. It takes advantage of common parts and operator/maintenance training requirements in the plant while maintaining uniformly high performance in all strapping operations.

ROMC6 SoniXs

A special walk-up bottom seal strapper that offers a centered seal on all sizes and larger track widths, up to 2800 mm (110”) with heights to 1000mm (39”) depending on the model. Applications include:

  • Door and window makers: securing protective packaging to products transported horizontally
  • Office furniture partitions: packaging flat panels for shipment
  • Bulk bins: placing multiple girth straps for reinforcement on flat bins
  • Outdoor furniture: package securement
  • Mattresses: closing and reinforcing packing boxes
  • Fireplace equipment: closing cartons
  • Bundles of paper tubes: tying bundles of tubes together for transport

The ROMC6 is commonly used to strap flat and panel type products that are conveyed horizontally. Operators apply or prep packaging and feed the product through the strapper, positioning it and cycling the machine to put the desired number of straps in the proper location.


Fully Automatic Bundling Equipment

EAM-Mosca offers three series of fully automatic bottom seal bundling models:

ROMP6-B SoniXs and ROMP6-R SoniXs

Both models have a ROMP6 chassis with an automatic belt (B) or roller (R) conveyor and appropriate controls. Rollers are the preferred conveyor design for heavy or abrasive packages. The seal position is 12” from the dispenser side vertical track, centered on the 600mm wide models, offset on wider models. The ROMP6R-VA SoniXs is a stainless steel and corrosion-resistant machine made for cold, high moisture environments, mainly beef, pork, poultry, and seafood packing plants.

Fully automatic models are typically integrated with automatic conveyors and controls to place straps in quantity and location selected algorithmically or via operator input during run setup. Applications Include:


  • Pharmaceutical distribution: tote securement
  • High volume mail bundles and trays: bundling and securing
  • Paper bags and flexible packaging: bundle tying
  • Cosmetics: carton closing
  • Medical supplies: parcel and case packing
  • Boxed printer and other cut paper: closing telescoping cartons
  • Consumer goods packaging for transport

ROMP6-R SoniXs

  • Pharma and convenience store tote securement
  • Meat and poultry packing: banding boxes of parts
  • Catalog fulfillment: tying boxes for parcel shipment
  • Newspapers: bundling papers for distribution and mailing
  • Mail bundling including financial documents
  • Door, window, and furniture accessories and hardware
  • Wood trim and flooring: bundling for transport to retailers
  • Shelf systems: closing and reinforcing cartons for shipment

The TR6 also offers the choice of belt (TR6B) or roller (TR6R) conveyor. Standard track sizes range from 500mm wide x 400mm high to 1000mm wide x 800mm high. Seal position is in the center of the table. It has a heavier duty and more flexible chassis than the ROMP6 automated models and its PRO option enables remote access to the strapping program. Successful applications include:

  • High volume commercial printers and graphic arts producers: general and zip sorted mail bundling
  • Large, automated commercial laundries: automated laundry bundle strapping
  • Pharmaceutical distributors: tote securement
  • Packaged consumer goods
  • Wood/flooring products: bundling
  • Meat and Poultry packers in non-moist environments: telescoping carton closing
  • Catalog fulfillment: parcel packaging


Specialty TR6 Bundlers

EAM-Mosca offers two specialty high-speed bundlers for specific requirements:

TR6-K SoniXs

Built for high-speed strapping of zip sorted magazines and other bound product. It is capable of single strapping up to 55 bundles per minute by maintaining 6-sided control of incoming bundles. The standard configuration handles bundles from 5”w x 7”l to 10”x 13” with a tabloid adaptation available. Bundle height range is from .25” to 8.5”. It can be paired with other equipment to create a two machine high speed cross strapping system if required.

TRI-6 SoniXs

Straps bundles in the direction of travel (rather than across the bundle) at speeds of up to 30 per minute, enabling cross strapping without bundle rotation. It automatically straps bundles from pamphlet to tabloid size from ½” to 14” high.

TRC6 SoniXs

The TRC6-Sonixs is a fully automated strapping machine with powered roller conveyor. It is built in track widths from 1250mm to 2600mm. It’s main application is fully automatic high speed strapping of bundles of knocked down corrugated boxes as they are produced on Flexo Folder Gluer lines. The TRC6-SQ4A series is a special squaring bundler model that is the North American market leader in corrugated bundle strapping. Single machine installations can strap up to 24 bundles per minute and dual machine tandem models up to 36 single strap bundles per minute. Other active applications for the various size TRC6 SoniXs models include:

  • Ceramic tile: Tying stacks and boxes of tiles
  • Fruit packing: securing boxes of various fruit
  • Bulk bin reinforcement: automatic bin girth banding for reinforcement
  • Bundling empty plastic storage bins together for transport
  • Stacks of 2’x4’ sheets of drywall: bundling for shipment to retailers
  • Office partitions: strapping protective packaging for transport


Side Seal Machines

The machines mentioned above are all bottom sealers. Side seal models can provide advantages when strapping tall products and when products are transported along the side rail of a conveyor so that packages will naturally be positioned against the sealer face, assuring a tight strap. They may be operator cycled or automated but are usually conveyor fed in either case. They can accommodate lower conveyor heights than table machines, as low as 12 inches. A minimum package height of about 6 inches is required in order to achieve a good seal and consistent strap tension. A special narrow seal option is available when low-height products are common.

EAM-Mosca offers a line of side seal products called ROMS6 SoniXs. Track sizes range from 650mm wide x 600mm high to 1650mm wide x 1800mm high with the Mosca closed track system. Larger sizes are available with a spring gate track system, as is a sealer head that indexes to meet the side of the package where product position varies or is not aligned with the conveyor edge.

The 650mm x 600mm size is available in stainless steel for cold/moist environments common in protein packing.

Common applications of the ROMS6 SoniXs series include:

  • Packaged Foods: closing boxes of product
  • Bundles of insulation: bundling
  • Ceramic tile: bundling and box closing
  • Windows and window parts: closing boxes and securing protective packaging
  • Cabinets and other wood products: carton closing and bundling
  • Metal cabinets: securing protective packaging for shipment
  • Consumer products including pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, and snack products: securing boxes and totes
  • Seed and fertilizers: bundling multiple bags together
  • Furniture: securing protective corrugated packaging
  • Plastic containers: banding bulk stacked shipping units for transport
  • Honeycomb packaging: bundling multiple pieces for shipment
  • Meat, poultry, and seafood (wild-caught and farmed) products: box closing


Specialty Bundling Machines:


      • For bundling wood trim and dimension lumber products
      • Track system resides below the table to allow the product to pass across the table into strapping position, then is electrically driven around the bundle, allowing a heat sealed strap to be applied.
      • Can be operator or automatically cycled. Most commonly systems include 2 machines with bundles automatically moving transversely across their tables, with the strappers applying simultaneous straps at each end of the bundle.
      • Heat sealer operates with PP strapping


  • For securing sleeved mail trays at up to 30 trays per minute in the travel direction
  • Sold to printer/mailers and USPS facilities
  • Heat sealer operates with 5mm PP strapping

LSV-2 SoniXs

  • For bundling printed signatures in vertical signature stackers
  • Uses Mosca high tension SoniXs sealing head with PP or PET strap
  • Roll-in, easy access construction
  • The narrow track fits between vertical rollers on a stacker
  • Inclines to match stacker angle

MK-66 SoniXs

  • For operator cycled bulk bin reinforcement
  • Special bottom seal units with a narrow 12” depth that allows machines to be set up side by side for simultaneous multi-strap application. Operator slides a bulk bin into position, and cycles all units at once to yield a completed bin in a single cycle.


Pallet And Shipping Unit Strapping Systems

EAM-Mosca manufactures 3 machine configurations that provide flexible load securement for many pallet and non-pallet shipping units. All models utilize the high tension Mosca SoniXs unitizer strapping head with high tension capability to 450 lbs. and multiple options to meet specific application needs:

UBS SoniXs

A bottom seal machine with center seal and spring gate track system in widths from 1750 to 2200mm wide and 650-2900mm high. Minimum conveyor height is 12’. It fits neatly into conveyor lines and is a good solution to secure non-palletized shipping units that are conveyed down the center of the conveyor line and where minimum load height can be less than 12”. It can be operator cycled or automated. Typical applications include:

  • Unitizing stacks of cut to size corrugated sheets coming off corrugators and digital printers
  • Securing units of corrugated displays for shipment.

UHS-2 SoniXs

A fixed-position side seal strapper with a fixed track. It is effective for strapping loads that are in a consistent position relative to the conveyor side rail. The head can be positioned up to 14” inboard of the rail. Minimum load height is about 12”. The UHS2-Sonixs can be inclined as much as 20 degrees to accommodate vertical easel style assembly common in door/window assembly/packing operations. Current UHS2 applications include:

  • Door and window packaging
  • Corrugated sheets and displays
  • HVAC equipment transport packaging
  • Retail clothing in totes and boxes: for transport from warehouse to retailers

USI SoniXs

A side seal strapper with indexing strapping head and pallet lance options. USI offers the options of strapping under the load, through a pallet void or both depending on automatic detection of a void. The indexing head advances up to 18” to accommodate varying load position on the conveyor. Minimum practical load height is about 18”. Minimum conveyor height is 12”. Common applications are strapping:

  • Bulk palletized plastic bottles, cans and rigid packaging for storage and shipment from manufacturing location to the filling or assembly site.
  • Oil filter housings
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Power tool displays
  • Machined metal and injection molded plastic components in bins
  • Corrugated sheets and displays

ROMS-6H SoniXs

Fully automatic horizontal strapping machine

  • Applications include stabilizing layered stacks of boxes and crates and securing packaging protecting furniture and appliances
  • Product height range is 8” to 90”
  • Production rate is typically 2-3 pallets per minute depending on product, number of straps and conveyor speed.

Note that EAM-Mosca designs and builds complete systems, including material handling equipment and controls or will work with users and integrators that build individual machines into broader based systems.


The EAM-Mosca System Approach

We are a machine-based system supplier that offers a portfolio of standard and specialized machine and strap systems to targeted markets with an emphasis on high performance and automation. We provide factory trained technical service and spare parts to help customers keep their systems running at top efficiency for many years. Purchase of an EAM-Mosca machine, strapping, service and parts assures the user of single-source, performance-focused support for the life of the system. We believe that our approach offers customers the highest performance and lowest total cost possible in the markets that we choose to serve. Our intention is to be the industry leader in high performance strapping sales, offering innovative technology, application driven design and practical solutions.


Glossary Of Plastic Strapping Terms

Bulk load: A multi-item product grouping, typically in stacks or layers that is held together by strapping alone, rather than a box, crate or similar restraint

Bundler: A strapping machine typically used to strap individual items or small bundles of products into a secure package.

PP: Polypropylene, an oil derived polymer plastic

PET: Polyethylene Terephthalate, commonly called polyester, a polymer fabricated from natural gas.

System Approach: EAM-Mosca strategy of supplying all elements, including machines, strap, service and parts needed to maintain the highest system performance over its operating life.

Telescoping carton: 2-piece box design where top slides over bottom, often secured with plastic straps.

Tension: Tensile force applied to a strap to tighten it on a given package

Unit load or Shipping unit: Multiple items tied together to form a single entity usually in preparation for transport.

Unitizer: A strapping machine that ties a multi-item grouping together into a single unit load

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