Our Commitment To Sustainable Practices

EAM-Mosca and the Mosca group are dedicated to responsible resource use by pioneering innovations in strapping systems and participating in voluntary programs that go beyond legislative requirements. Sustainable practices fall into three categories:


Long-term thinking and healthy growth are the key economic factors within a sustainable company. For us, this means that as well as conserving resources, we also ensure that our products and technologies have a long service life – through high-quality materials and continuous maintenance and services.


Protecting the environment means not only making our processes environmentally friendly, but also optimizing our products. We are pursuing this goal by using recycled materials in our strapping, sustainable components in our machines, and energy management objectives in our production processes.


Taking responsibility for our actions, our environment, partners, customers, and employees.

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A Focus on Technological Advances

During its 50-year history, Mosca’s emphasis on technological advances as a critical driver of innovation has steadily improved environmental equipment efficiency.

Key Initiatives:

  • Since the early 1990s, using wear-free direct drives to replace mechanical systems.
  • Developing a unique emission-free, powered on-demand ultrasonic welding system for strapping.
  • Offering electric press drives to replace energy-intensive, noisier hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Developing equipment that, under operating efficiency and seal strength, offers users the opportunity to reduce strap size without loss of package integrity, saving material costs, and natural resources.
ROM-Fusion application

Strapping: A Sustainable Solution

As well as looking at our own sustainable practices while manufacturing our machines and materials, we aim to also support you in achieving your sustainability goals. As a packaging solution, strapping is a more sustainable alternative to other closing and bundling solutions.

Minimized Packaging For Securing Goods

The process of securing goods with strapping uses far less material than other resource-intensive closing processes. Mosca’s SoniXs ultrasonic sealing technology also allows for a far stronger strap seal than more traditional technologies, further increasing a strap’s performance and effectiveness in securing a package for transport and consumer.

Strap Made From Recycled Materials

After the strapping band has been used for bundling, closing, or palletizing a product, it can be removed from the product without leaving any residue. The packaged product is not contaminated and the individual materials used can be conveniently separated and sorted for recycling by material type. 

High Performing Seals

Mosca’s innovative technologies ensure a more secure seal for packaged products, reducing the need for unnecessary additional straps to take the weight of a load. With minimal use of energy to seal the ends of the strap, the SoniXs sonotrode creates a unique seal at the point of fusion. So you can be sure that your product will arrive safely at your customer’s door.

Recyclability After Use

Our PET strapping is made from up to 100% recycled materials and can in turn also be recycled after use to create more PET strapping, creating a full circle recycled loop.

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Sustainable Corporate Practices

Responsible resource use also is an integral part of EAM-Mosca’s corporate culture. We continue to improve our ecological footprint, balancing economic and environmental concerns. EAM-Mosca’s commitment to the “GET inside” approach derives from adherence to the 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) philosophy.

Examples include:

  • Reducing the use of PET virgin resin by converting to 100% recovered material in our PET strapping with no loss of product performance.
  • Reducing electricity consumption by investing in energy-efficient dryers, increasing extruder line efficiency, insulating ovens, and installing energy-efficient lighting in production and warehouse areas.
  • Reducing packaging consumption by lightening corrugated and core weights, increasing coil lengths, offering customers incentives to convert from box to bulk packaging, and encouraging customers to return skids and cores for reuse.
  • Reducing shipping weight and the need for heat-treating export pallets by replacing wood with corrugated pallets.
  • Recycling PP and PET strap waste collected from our production and internal machine testing.
  • Recycling operational and office waste, generating a 30% reduction of waste disposal to landfills in 3 years.
  • Investing in a PP strap production process that enables a 10% reduction in resin content with no loss of strap strength or machine performance.
  • Developing integrated strap/equipment solutions that enable customers to reduce the cost and amount of strapping per package with no impact on operating efficiency or package quality. Our lightest straps, 5mm PP, and 9mm PET are also our fastest-growing strap products.