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Over our 35-year history, we have specialized in creating customized strapping solutions knowing that standard products don’t always meet demand. Our engineers are actively involved in all stages of system development, from design and installation to modernization or retrofitting with the expertise and knowledge to create an end-of-line strapping system that meets your requirements.

As an industry leader, we want to provide our customers with an ongoing opportunity to increase production, reliability, and reduce cost.

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Customized Strapping Solutions

EAM-Mosca provides strapping systems that fit application requirements rather than force-fitting standard products into customer processes.

Utilizing innovative Mosca technology, flexible machine designs, a range of product transport and handling options and integrated controls, we deliver productive solutions that allow customers to focus on their production process knowing that end-of-line product securement is in good hands.

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EAM-Mosca Customized Services Include:

  • In-depth consultation with technical expertise to help choose the right system
  • Modular designs and technological advances to fit specific industry and application requirements
  • Creative engineering incorporating proven technology into unique configurations
  • Conceptual development and programming support for smooth integration into high-performance operations

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The Next Generation in Strapping Solutions

Mosca’s propriety SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing heads have revolutionized strapping systems offering major advantages over traditional heat seal technologies.