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Service and Support

At EAM-Mosca we view technical support as an integral part of our complete system approach. You can expect the same high-quality service and support as you find with our strapping equipment.

Services Include:

  • New machine installation, supervision, and training.
  • On-site technical assessments and equipment inspections.
  • In-house remote technical troubleshooting (during office hours).
  • Custom and standard preventive maintenance programs.
  • One Service (Mosca One) predictive maintenance
  • Emergency after-hours technical phone support for specific in-line production equipment.

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Meet Our Service and Support Team


Dave Carter

Director of Field Service Operations


Carrie Broughton

Technical Field Service Supervisor


Gary Berner

Technical Support


Federico Andrade

Technical Support


Kim Flores

Service Billing Coordinator

Technical service

Technical Support

At EAM-Mosca we view technical support as an integral part of our complete system approach. You can expect the same high-quality service and support as you find with our strapping equipment.

In-house Technical Service

For added convenience, our in-house technicians are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have over the phone or by email.
Remote diagnostics are also available for some machine models for off-site live troubleshooting. This allows our technicians to fix common issues, or prepare field service technicians when they arrive on-site.

Technical Field Service

Our field service technicians are factory trained and strategically located throughout North and South America for fast and comprehensive machine repairs or scheduled maintenance. With many years of experience, our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to keep your systems running reliably for years to come.

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EAM-Mosca Service Network

Our service network offers comprehensive coverage of the US, Canada, Mexico, and Latin America.

We work closely with our customers to ensure best-in-class service when needed at your location.

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Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance programs are designed to keep your equipment running at maximum efficiency to minimize costly downtime and interruptions that may result from an unexpected equipment problem.

The programs include regularly scheduled visits from a trained EAM-Mosca technician. Each technician will perform a complete inspection and, depending on the frequency of use, will complete a monthly, quarterly, or annual service of your machine to make any necessary adjustments or repairs. Regular visits from an EAM-Mosca technician can help identify issues before they affect operation and productivity.

Custom preventive maintenance programs are available to those who want a more extensive service schedule than the regular preventive maintenance program.

Cost Savings

EAM-Mosca preventive maintenance agreements may cover the cost of parts, labor, and travel, which enables you to budget the cost of service and parts over the life of the agreement. This also allows you to reduce the administrative expense of issuing service or replacement parts costs.

Quality Service

EAM-Mosca’s full-time, fully trained field service technicians have many years of experience and knowledge. In most cases, you’ll receive your regularly scheduled visits from the same technician. So you have the added value of someone familiar with your operation, equipment, and service requirements.

One Service Predictive Maintenance

In addition to our preventive maintenance programs, we also offer our One Service (also known as Mosca One) predictive maintenance program. This program is based on the performance history of our five and six-series equipment. The One service program supplements regular preventive scheduled maintenance for maximum machine performance.

Our experience has given us a comprehensive understanding to predict when specific parts and assemblies, critical to reliability, will require maintenance and replacement. In turn, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Machine Models In Program:

  • ROMC-6: Off-line, heat, and SoniXs® seal.
  • TR-6 Base and TR-6 Pro: In-line, heat, and SoniXs® seal, any table version.
  • TRC-5 and TRC-6 Models: In-line, heat, and SoniXs® seal.
  • TRC5-SQ and TRC6-SQ Models: In-line squaring bundlers, manual or automatic back stop position, heat, and SoniXs® seal.
  • SHU Heads: SoniXs® head unitizer

Program Details

The Mosca One program requires the mandatory replacement of known wear items that we refer to as “A” parts, and as needed, the replacement of additional components that we refer to as “B” parts by an EAM-Mosca technician.

Before a scheduled maintenance visit, customers are required to order a kit of “A” level parts; any required “B” parts will be sourced from that specific technician’s inventory.

The replacement of “A” parts and all associated cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete per machine. Any Mosca One visit requiring “B” parts would increase the time needed to complete a Mosca One.

We currently recommend that a Mosca One predictive maintenance be completed every 500,000 cycles or every 6-months. This interval could be adjusted over time depending on machine performance and other criteria.

Participant Benefits:

  • Lower total cost of ownership.
  • Discounted ‘A’ parts when purchased through the program.
  • Maintenance can be completed by one of EAM-Mosca’s experienced technicians, or customer associates can be trained on-site with EAM-Mosca guidance.
  • 12 months of service.
  • Initial checks at 6 months, or every 500,000 cycles with future maintenance intervals determined by participants. EAM-Mosca recommends checks be a minimum of 6 months.

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Training Programs

At EAM-Mosca we offer a range of comprehensive training programs providing you the knowledge to confidently complete essential but straightforward maintenance.

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Technical FAQs

Want to learn more about our machines and offerings? Take a look at our FAQ’s.

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