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Mosca Strapping Machine Technical FAQ’s

How do I start a coil?

Starting a coil can vary by machine. Still, the typical process is as follows: with the strap mounted correctly in the dispenser, press the brake release lever and pull a short length of strap off the coil. Feed the strap into the entry track until it meets resistance. Press the lever and insert the strap approx. 4 inches further. Release the lever and close the dispenser. Press the Manual Strapping button or foot bar, and the strap will automatically feed into the machine, which is now ready to cycle.

How do I reset a machine after a short feed or cycle interruption?

Typically, when there is a cycle fault, the track will open automatically, allowing the operator to pull the strap out of the track, then hit the Machine Start button or trip the foot bar to cycle the sealer to cut the strap-free. The track will then close, and the machine will refeed automatically ready for the next cycle.

Can I use PP and PET interchangeably?

If strap width or thickness is different, width guides and feed pressure may need to be changed. If the physical dimensions of your strap are similar, Sonixs models can run either PP or PET equally effectively, but will most likely require changes in sealing and cooling timers – a relatively quick and easy adjustment. Heat seal models can seal PP but not PET straps due to melting properties and emission issues.

Can I change the strap width on my machine?

Machines at EAM-Mosca are configured to operate with specific customer-selected strap. Changing strap width requires replacing strap guides and sealing parameters and should be done by a trained EAM-Mosca Service Technician.

Can I increase or decrease the tension on my machine?

Yes. All machines have a dial control to regulate tension.

Can I change the voltage on my machine?

Yes, the voltage can be changed. Depending on the specific change, this may require the addition of a transformer. Consult the EAM-Mosca Service Department for exact requirements.

Can I add options to my machine after installation?

Yes, most options can be field installed; however, the total cost will likely be higher than factory-installed options specified at the time of machine order.

Can I use smooth strapping?

Yes, it is generally possible to use smooth strapping. However, depending on whether the smooth strap is strand extruded or slit sheet, sealing effectiveness can vary considerably. A consultation with EAM-Mosca Technical Services will help determine the sealing parameters for the strap intended to be used.

What are the advantages of embossed strapping?

An embossed strap provides several advantages, including reduced surface area and friction in the feed track while adding thickness, stiffness, and improved feed reliability. It also reduces strap splitting and dust generation during machine operation.

Do you offer 24-hour support?

Yes, we offer 24/7 support for specific high production models through the EAM-Mosca Service department. For more information, please visit our Service and Support page.

Do you offer preventive or predictive maintenance programs?

Yes, EAM-Mosca offers and encourages customers to participate in the predictive maintenance program, which is performed by our factory-trained technicians. For more information, please visit our Service and Support page.

Support Services Available:

  • New machine installation supervision and training
  • Quick response to customer inquiries
  • Emergency services onsite or via remote access
  • After-Hours Technical phone support for specific in-line production equipment
  • On-site technical assessments and equipment inspections available
  • Custom and standard preventive maintenance programs available (Monthly, Quarterly and Annual)
  • In-House Phone Support (Available Mon-Friday 8:00-5:00 EST) to troubleshoot problems before scheduling a field service technician.