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Strapping Products for the Container and Packaging Industry

At EAM-Mosca, our strapping machines provide a simple and effective closing and securing solution for all types of containers and packaging. For heavy-duty packaging applications, our PET strapping provides high joint strength, maintains tension and resists shock shifting during shipment to ensure your product arrives intact.

Our high-performance strapping machines and strapping materials are invaluable when you need durable and reliable equipment to handle your operational requirements. We manufacture and distribute high-quality strapping materials for packaging facilities and are committed to delivering trusted products to our customers. Our strapping machines for packaging facilities can accommodate numerous applications, maximizing your output productivity with precision and accuracy. We’re ready to help you find the right strapping solutions.

Strapping Materials for Containers and Packages

We offer durable, high-strength strapping material to meet your operational needs. Our Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PET) strap provides superior performance and enhanced system reliability when used in our strapping machines, making your product easy and hassle-free to secure prior to shipment.

For light and medium-weight packages, PP strapping is ideal. Our PP strapping has good elongation recovery and excellent elasticity for consistent tension, making it useful for irregularly shaped containers. Meanwhile, our PET strapping delivers superior elasticity and strength for heavy-duty applications and contains 100% pre and post-consumer recycled materials. PET strap is an excellent alternative to steel bands as it resists elongation while absorbing shock, tightly securing loads that might settle and shift over time.

Strap Uses for Containers and Packages

Box strapping machines offer diverse capabilities to boost efficiency at your facility. Whatever your requirements, we can help you find solutions to handle your specific applications. Some of the ways you can use our premium strapping products include:

  • Bundling: Strapping equipment for packaging facilities can significantly impact operational efficiency when you frequently need to assemble bundles for transportation and distribution.
  • Carton closing: To ensure that cartons containing valuable items are securely packaged and safe, you can rely on our strapping products for tight enclosures.
  • Load securing: Transport loads safely and efficiently with secure strapping that maintains its integrity during shipment.

Optimized Products for SoniXs Box, Carton, and Container Strapping Machines

Throughout our history, we’ve reliably optimized our strapping materials to create better performance and reliability in high-speed packaging applications. Our products and equipment work together to deliver smooth, efficient operation and reliably handle daily demands.

Features include:

  • Enhanced split and camber resistance
  • Minimal dusting and track wear
  • Improved stiffness and folding resistance
  • Consistent break strength and strap width
  • Superior feeding and sealing consistency at high-speed

Choose EAM-Mosca for Strapping Products You Can Trust

We strive to deliver excellent value and quality with every product, offering solutions for your operational needs to maximize productivity for containers and packaging. Our services go beyond purchase and installation for lifetime support. From our dedicated technical staff and field technicians to our in-house phone support, we’re ready to assist you in any way we can. We offer machine demos and on-site visits to your facility so you know you’re getting the best solution for your unique application.

Browse the strapping products we have available for your packaging applications and reach out to our team for more information.