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Finding the right system partner can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With over 40 years of experience, we have reliably optimized our entire line of strapping systems. We regularly partner with North American and global system suppliers to integrate a strapping capability into multi-function systems.

Working together with you, our team of expert engineers aims to provide the correct solution for your unique application. From simple “drop-in” strapping machines to a more complex customized solution that integrates into a more extensive system, we can provide a reliable, high-performing integrated solution.

At EAM-Mosca, we believe the strength of a system is about more than just the strapping machine. Our aftermarket services include technical support with highly trained technicians for on-site or remote troubleshooting and problem-solving, customer service for fast, easy strap and parts orders, and strapping materials designed to run smoothly and reliably with strong seals.


EAM-Mosca ROMS-6H SoniXs

EAM-Mosca Integration Benefits

Customized Solutions To Fit Your Specific Application

Superior Performance For Optimized Results

Quick and Easy Installation With Full Support

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Case Study

Island automation increases throughput and reduces cost for leading midwestern tool manufacturer

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Integration Possibilities

Autonomous Motorized Robots

Discover how Mosca intelligently integrates its strapping systems into complete end-of-line solutions using AMR’s.

Want to know more? Our machine experts are skilled in providing customized solutions. Contact us today. 

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Our Products

At EAM-Mocsa we provide an extensive range of strapping solutions. Our "performance first" emphasis ensures high reliability and continued performance throughout the entire system.

Fully Automatic Strapping Machines

Our range of fully automatic strappers feature programmable controls, photo-eye cycle starts, and options to automatically start a new coil. Suitable for all industries, automatic solutions can maximize a product line’s throughput and minimize back-ups. A wide variety of footprint, arch size, and sealer positions ensure your products are moved efficiently through the end-of-line process.

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Load Securing Strapping Machines

Secure loads with our range of heavy-duty fully automatic and operator cycled strappers. Options include pallet lances for convenient through the void strapping and dual coil dispensers for fast and easy coil changes.

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Compression Unitizers

Our unitizers feature load stabilizers for up to 10,000 pounds of uniform compression with the choice of hydraulic or electric power supply for large pallet load and shipping units. Options include pallet lances for through the void strapping, material handling, and internal turntables for cross strapping.

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Customized Machine Design

Our engineers provide in-depth consultancy with technical expertise to tailor the best solution for unique requirements.

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Service and Support

EAM-Mosca views technical support as an integral part of our complete system approach. Our field service technicians are factory trained and strategically located throughout North and South America to keep your systems running reliably for years.

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Strapping Material

We manufacture embossed polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) straps for enhanced machine reliability. Ideal for high-speed bundling, PP is typically used for light to medium-tension bundles. PET is well suited for heavy-duty applications and features a high joint-strength and stretch resistance to maintain load stability. A number of sizes, colors, and break strengths for both PP and PET materials are available on coils sized for Mosca strapping machines.

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Integrated Systems and Island Systems


Hansa Flex

See how Hansa Flex achieved a seamlessly integrated pallet distribution system with Mosca equipment.

Customized Solutions

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Industry-leading technology that delivers superior performance:

  • Mosca’s proprietary SoniXs sealing technology provides long component life, low, on-demand electrical consumption, and consistent, reliable seals for both PP and PET strapping with low emissions.
  • Customizable controls that range from simple zone control to a fully customized package management – utilizing a machine to machine communication and data transfer capability.
  • A “performance first” emphasis throughout the project.  Design, installation, and startup issues are managed cooperatively with all partners.  
  • Refined, accessible mechanics provide high reliability and operating simplicity.
  • Electronic DC brushless direct drives simplify mechanics and provide clean, quiet, long-lasting performance.