Industry Solutions

MOSCA offers a versatile portfolio and our products can be found in various industries. Select your industry and find out which products are suitable for your specific demand.


Corrugated cardboard


Our high-performance bundlers and unitizers efficiently strap bundles and loads of corrugated cartons, sheet, shingled product streams, bulk bins, and

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Warehousing & Logistics

Our strapping machines are designed for easy, convenient operation and are engineered to address the requirements of e-commerce and parcel delivery.

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fresh vegetables

Food & Beverage

Packaging for the food and beverage industry requires a unique variety of bundling and closing solutions in demanding environments.

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Building Products

Our machines are engineered for a range of applications and can strap various building products, including cabinets, windows, doors, and flooring.

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clear containers

Containers & Packaging

Our strapping machines provide a simple but effective closing solution for all types of containers and packaging.

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Home office

Home & Office

From office chairs to kitchen cabinets, our machines can effectively secure and protect your product for shipment and storage.

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Towels in cart

Laundry and Linen

Bundle efficiently with our strapping machines equipped with easy-to-use operator panel and choice of foot bar, foot-switch or photo-eye cycle start.

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Graphic Arts

EAM-Mosca offers a full range of strapping systems to meet the needs of the graphic arts industry.

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USPS & Government

With a long history in the mailing industry, our systems are proven to provide reliable automatic, high-speed bundling for tubs, totes, & mail trays.

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EAM-Mosca ROMS-6H SoniXs

OEM & Integrators

Finding the right system partner can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Choose the strapping systems leader with over 35 years experience.

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Our Products

Reliable strapping systems from EAM-Mosca Corporation help protect products, increase cost savings, and boost the productivity of your facility.

Strapping Machines

Reliable strapping systems from EAM-Mosca Corporation help protect products, increase cost savings, and boost the productivity of your facility.

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Strapping Materials

We manufacture embossed polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) straps for enhanced machine reliability. Ideal for high-speed bundling, PP is typically used for light to medium-tension bundles. PET is well suited for heavy-duty applications and features a high joint-strength and stretch resistance to maintain load stability. A number of sizes, colors, and break strengths for both PP and PET materials are available on coils sized for Mosca strapping machines.

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SoniXs® Sealing Technology

Mosca’s proprietary Sonixs ultrasonic sealing heads have revolutionized strapping systems offering significant and proven advantages over traditional heat-seal technologies, including cost, maintenance, and longevity across all industries and applications.

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Conveying & Turning

Variety of conveyors are available as part of our complete system offering. Flexible designs to match requirements.

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Customized Machine Design

Our engineers provide in-depth consultancy with technical expertise to tailor the best solution for unique requirements.

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