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Strapping Products for Warehouse Facilities

At EAM-Mosca, we strive to provide products that will optimize your warehouse operations. Our goal is to ensure you have equipment that will streamline your process and maximize productivity at the job site. Our high-performance manual and automatic strapping machines are designed for easy, convenient operation and engineered to address the evolving requirements of e-commerce and parcel delivery.

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Automatic strapping machines can help to optimize efficiency in your warehouse facility. In today’s demanding warehousing industry, this equipment is essential for effective operations and offers several key advantages over manual operations, such as hand strapping, taping, or stretch film. Automating the strapping process reduces labor costs, increases process efficiency, and allows people, previously hand strapping, to work more effectively in other areas of the operation.

By combining our PET strap with Mosca’s SoniXs ultrasonic sealing technology, you can ensure superior, secure bundles that help detect and deter tampering.

Types of Warehouse Strapping Machines

Reliable warehouse strapping machines are essential to streamline the packaging processes at your facility. First, , evaluate the current production and packaging rate; this will determine the best type of strapping machine to choose for your current operations to ensure optimal efficiency on the job.

We have a variety of strapping machines available;  two categories to choose from:

  • Fully automatic: Typically requires no operator. This machine saves labor and time with photo-eye cycle starts, coil change options, and programmable controls.
  • Operator-cycled strapping machines: With intuitive, user-friendly controls, this system is ideal for low-volume applications, when a portable strapping area is required in a different area of the plant, or for seasonal backup needs.

Warehouse Strapping Machine Applications

In warehouse and distribution operations, there are many different processes taking place. Strapping machines and products are an essential part of the end of line packaging process. We offer a large selection of equipment to handle various strapping needs and review your entire operation to determine which machines will best satisfy your requirements.

Some of the functions strapping machines can help optimize include: 

  • Closing: To close packages, manual or automatic strapping machines are a good addition to your warehouse and logistics equipment and can ensure they’re securely sealed and ready for transportation.
  • Securing: When handling sensitive or fragile items, strapping machines and products can provide accurate tension to strap and secure without damaging product.
  • Preparing pallet loads: Shipping pallet loads? Strapping machines can strap, square, compress, and provide the tension needed to keep pallet loads taut and secure during transport.

Strapping Materials for Warehouse Facilities and Logistics

At EAM-Mosca, we have a wide assortment of strapping options available to meet your needs. Our premium materials undergo rigorous strength testing to ensure quality control and durability. Our Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PET) strap have an advantage over other strapping and banding compositions like steel because they allow for lighter and more compact packaging while still delivering exceptional strength.

EAM-Mosca Strapping Benefits for Warehouse and Logistics

Some advantages of our strapping products: 

  • Enhanced split and camber resistance: Our strapping products are highly resistant to camber and separation
  • Minimal dusting and track wear: Designed to reduce poly dust and track wear for maximum machine uptime
  • Improved stiffness and folding resistance: Provides best feeding and accumulation and prevents jamming
  • Consistent break strength and width: Reliably runs for many cycles, prevents dusting and jamming
  • Superior feeding and sealing consistency: Our products continue to deliver exceptional feeding and sealing capabilities while operating at high speeds.

Find the Right Strapping Products for Your Warehouse Applications

At EAM-Mosca, we’re committed to providing superior products to keep your warehouse and logistics operations at maximum productivity and offer diverse, innovative solutions ranging from narrow sealers and narrow tracks to ultrasonic sealing technology.

We offer customized solutions to fit your unique specifications to make sure we provide the right solution for each customer. We’re here to help you be your most productive by providing dedicated technical service staff, in-house phone support, and field service technicians who work throughout the country. We also offer machine demos and plant visits to ensure you get what you need for your operations.

We look forward to working with you. To get started, browse our available strapping machine options for warehouse and logistics applications or contact us today for assistance.