The ROM-RI features a special strap track that fully retracts enabling products to be conveyed across the tabletop prior to and after completion of the strapping cycle. This makes it a great choice for bundled products such as wood moldings and plastic or aluminum extrusions. The compact design can be built into most production lines and capable of integration with automated control systems.

Key Features

Operator Cycled or Automatic


Units/Minute Operator-Dependent

One Size Track Width

Product Information

Production Rate: Up to 15 bundles per minute
Product Size*:

*Due to the nature of the curved arch, please consult an EAM-Mosca representative on correct sizing options for your application. Product sizes shown are an estimation only. 5” Min bundle width required.

  • Estimated Bundle Size:
  • 2” High, Max Width is 19.5”
  • 4” High, Max Width is 18”
  • 6” High, Max Width is 15.5”
  • 8” High, Max Width is 12”
  • 10” High, Max Width is 5”

Track Size: Inside Track Radius 11.8” (300mm)
Electrical: 240v-440v 60 Hz, 0.5 KVA 3 phase
Table: Stainless steel table top
Table Height: Regular: 33” (840mm) – 36” (920mm) Without Casters: 29” (738mm)
Strapping: Heat sealer runs PP strap 8mm, 9mm, 12mm
Strap Tension: 10-100 lbs.
Strap Seal: Heat seal with DC brushless direct drive motor
Machine Shipping Weight: Approx. 540 Lbs. on pallet
Casters: Four heavy-duty lockable casters. As an option casters can be removed to adjust table height.

Additional Features
Track features unique safety mechanism and detects any obstruction to operation. Once detected the track immediately stops operation and returns to normal mode. Production is able to proceed when clear.

Versions and Options

  • Photo Eye (for automatic cycle start)
  • Footswitch
  • Dispenser cover
  • Electric cabinet left or right side, or external (16’4”/5m cable )
  • Strap change left or right side
  • Signal exchange for integration into a fully automatic line


ROM-RI Product Brochure


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  • Machine Type: Operator Cycled or Fully Automatic
  • Track Size (W x H): Semi Circular, Retracting
  • Table Type: Retracting Arch
  • Strap Size: 5 - 12mm
  • Strap Type: PP
  • Strap Seal: Heat
  • Seal Location: Bottom
  • Production Rate: Up to 15 BPM

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