EAM-Mosca Log Strapper
EAM-Mosca Log Strapper

LSV-2 SoniXs®

Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Featuring high performance Sonixs® ultrasonic strapping head in an all welded frame assembly, the signature log strapper system can be coupled with stackers to provide a significantly better means of strapping signatures.

Key Features

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SoniXs® Technology


Fully Automatic




Units/Minute Operator-Dependent

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One-Size Track Width

Product Information

  • Welded frame assembly
  • Couples with stackers to significantly improve signature stability.
  • Reliable, Low Maintenance Bundling
  • Roller Mounted for Easy Access
  • Integrates with Most Vertical Log Stackers
  • Uses PET or PP Strapping
  • The SoniXs Signature Log Strapping System from EAM-Mosca is a very reliable automatic plastic strapping system that integrates with stackers from major manufacturers to optimize signature bundling.
  • 12 seconds/strap
  • Strapping: 11mm or 12mm The adjustable seal height and head angle enables on-site adaption to meet stacker requirements.
  • Our narrow track width (2.24”) fits between conveyor and signature support rolls.
  • Variable size strap tracks are available to meet your application needs.
  • The Signature Log Strapping System can use 11mm (7/16”) or 12mm (1/2”) Machine Grade Polyester or Polypropylene Strapping.
  • The SoniXs head weighs an easy-to-handle 65 pounds and has a modular drop-in mounting system with plug-in electrical connections.
  • An optional out-of-strap sensor indicates need for coil change.
  • Flexibly mounted operator controls may be located for operator convenience at time of installation.

Versions and Options

  • Special paint
  • Dual Reel Strap Dispenser
  • Out of Strap Sensor


Signature Log Strapping Machine

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