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EAM-Mosca Broadens Market Base with Engineered Solutions Division

Since its incorporation in 1982, EAM-Mosca found success by selling high performing strapping systems to a small number of targeted vertical market segments. Beginning with bundling equipment and later broadening to include pallet strapping and unitizing systems, the Company focused on building its business by providing industry leading solutions primarily to the corrugated, commercial print, newspaper and mailing markets. By following a ‘customer first’ strategy, constantly improving its products and building long term customer relationships, the Company thrived.

However, the difficult recession of the late 2000s and the digital revolution that negatively impacted some key markets motivated the Company to broaden its sales and market portfolio while building its technical capabilities to support new technologies and new applications for strapping systems. The resulting market-focused Engineered Solutions Division has turned potential opportunity into measurable growth and success for the Company and its customers.

The long time EAM-Mosca focus on creating effective solutions for defined market segments has not been altered. That said, what has changed dramatically is the sheer number of targeted markets that the Company now serves.

While the Engineered Solutions sales group began exploring markets considered to be underserved, or unhappy with legacy strapping equipment providers, the engineering group began working with a new generation of strapping equipment developed by its German parent Mosca GmbH. These strapping machine solutions continue to build on Mosca’s DC brushless drive technology and proprietary Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing system. They also delivered on the Company’s core value proposition of performance and reliability while also reducing wear on major equipment components.

With the new “strapping engines” from Mosca as the foundation, EAM-Mosca’s engineering group began adapting them to specific applications, while expanding the product offering to include product transport capability, flexible controls and use of networks for managing strapping requirements, package flow and overall system performance.

While it was a challenge to develop new markets where the Mosca brand was relatively unknown, the Sales and Marketing team has been able to share a long list of performance based references from existing customers. Through those referrals in combination with no-charge trials the team was able to convince many prospects to give EAM-Mosca a chance. These opportunities, along with the Company’s high levels of persistence and commitment have led it to growth via new markets and new applications. EAM-Mosca has done so while remaining steadfast to the core belief that the best performance always wins, in demanding production environments.

As some traditional markets have struggled, the Company has been able to establish solid and growing positions in new markets. Innovative solutions have won business in automated warehousing, especially in pharmaceutical distribution, wood/building/home products, meat/poultry/seafood markets, and others, throughout its footprint across the Americas. In addition, integrating a carefully expanded, system focused, distributor network into the sales mix has further increased sales leverage. Record results for the past several years consecutively, attest to both the market need for products engineered to fit specific applications and the ability of EAM-Mosca to provide and support them.

Interestingly, while the corrugated business was not a targeted or “new” market, the Engineered Solutions approach has also found meaningful relevance there. The traditional strapping bundler is now a minority component of sales to this segment as new and unique capability to manage a changing product mix at ever higher throughput speeds has spawned new performance based solutions. This step change, in one of the company’s traditional market segments, is testament to how the Engineered Solutions Division also contributes to the technology driven changes affecting this vital and highly competitive market.

As it looks to the future, EAM-Mosca sees itself having its best and largest portfolio of mechanical solutions offerings, a proven capability to augment these products with needed ancillary equipment, control flexibility and networking capability. It sees a sales team able to leverage performance, reliability and innovation into new opportunities consistent with the Company’s core value proposition.

EAM-Mosca invites companies that seek an opportunity to upgrade their “end of production line” productivity to discuss your needs with one of our sales professionals. See how an EAM-Mosca Engineered Solution can help you strengthen your process.

EAM-Mosca Corporation provides high-performance strapping system solutions to a variety of industries, including food, graphic arts, mailing, fulfillment, logistics, corrugated, wood, and other industrial or consumer goods. We combine innovative equipment with strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance and customer support programs that help our customers meet their performance and productivity goals.

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