Legacy Cabinets Improves Package Security with Unique Solution

Legacy Cabinets, Inc., located in Eastaboga, Alabama in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains manufactures kitchen and bath cabinetry in a 550,000 sq. ft. facility that has been expanded six times since 1994. The privately held company’s various cabinetry is sold to homeowners and builders solely through distributors. In 2017, Patrick Traylor, VP of Manufacturing, began the task of replacing some older strapping machines on his packing lines. As part of his research, Traylor reviewed some marketing materials dropped off by EAM-Mosca Regional Sales Manager Jimmy Dodd, who it turned out, lived nearby, and called and set up an appointment.


Plant Survey Discoveries

During the subsequent plant survey, Dodd discovered that not only was there an issue with the strapping machines that had outlived their productive lives, but there were also problems with package security that pre-dated machine wear.

The basic shipping unit used by Legacy and many other wood product manufacturers, is a corrugated cap and tray style package with side walls in varying sizes. The issue, beyond machine reliability, was that Dodd found the polypropylene (PP) straps used to secure the products, tended to loosen, or even fall off the packages, during transport and storage. This required bringing them back to the packing line for a second strapping pass, often for only marginal improvement in package integrity. For high-value custom products like kitchen cabinets, poor packaging and associated damage risks are unacceptable


Unique Solution Proposed

As it happened, Dodd had a “system” solution to offer: Mosca ROMS6-Sonixs automatic strapping (banding) machines. The Mosca ROMS6-Sonixs are highly reliable, side-sealing systems available with a range of control options and are easily inserted into a packing line. The systems provide the latest in Mosca Evolution technology including DC brushless direct-drives, precision Standard 6 Strapway for highly-reliable strap cycling and Mosca’s proprietary Sonixs ultrasonic seal that provides consistently high-strength seals with no emissions and long operating life. Unique for bundlers, the ROMS6-Sonixs runs either Polyester (PET) or Polypropylene (PP) strapping.

The second piece of the solution was to propose a conversion from the conventional PP strapping to PET strapping. PET strapping, manufactured from recycled materials, has become price competitive with historically less expensive PP. Besides being more sustainable, PET brings the advantages of less camber, less dusting in the strapping machine, higher resistance to elongation and the ability to maintain tension over time.

Interestingly, Legacy Cabinets is an approved participant in the Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP). In order to maintain this distinction, Legacy has to meet all the ESP requirements for air quality, resource management of product and process, environmental – stewardship, and community relations. Using more sustainable packaging was a bonus to purchasing more reliable equipment and in line with the Company’s philosophy.

Having recently converted an Alabama based office furniture plant from PP to PET, Dodd was confident that the machine-strap combination he was recommending would solve the loosening strap problem. A trip to visit the furniture maker, convinced Rob Nelson, Legacy Cabinets’ Plant Engineer, that it made sense. The companies made a deal to purchase multiple Mosca systems, on a performance guaranteed basis, giving Legacy an out if the solution didn’t meet expectations.


Solid Strapping Performance Results

The trial went well. The conversion from competitor bottom seal machines to Mosca side seal units showed immediate benefit in keeping the sealer clear from falling debris and providing easy access for servicing and fault clearing. The improved reliability of the Mosca units was as good as predicted and best of all, the PET strapping, besides running well in the equipment, stayed tight on the packages, providing cost, esthetic and real quality benefits. Legacy employees are complimentary about the training offered by EAM-Mosca technicians and feel confident in maintaining the systems.

A year and a half into the relationship, Legacy has multiple Mosca ROMS6-Sonixs strapping machines, each running up to 400,000 cycles per year. Reliability remains high and operating costs low, with parts costs averaging only $300 to $400 per machine/per year. EAM-Mosca remains attentive, promptly addressing any issues that arise and updating training as needed. Both companies look forward to a lasting partnership.

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