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EAM-Mosca CTV-SoniXs® Unitizer: Higher Throughputs for an Increasingly Variable Product Mix

Hazle Township, P.A – EAM-Mosca Corporation is excited to announce the introduction of the new CTV-SoniXs® all-electric compression unitizer designed to allow high throughput when strapping units require closer strap spacing, a higher number of straps per unit, or more units per hour.

The CTV-SoniXs® combines proven technologies, speed, reliability, and longevity of previous EAM-Mosca SoniXs® unitizers, with a newly engineered narrow SoniXs® ultrasonic head.

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The new strap head allows for up to five strapping heads with strap spacings as close as 9 inches and can be placed at spacings of 9, 9, 23.5, and 15 inches. Three straps can be applied within 18 inches in a single hit, and up to five straps can be spaced as wide as 56 inches. The benefit is a higher percentage of single hit units, enabling the system to approach peak production levels for a wider range of unit variation and strapping requirements.

The narrow SoniXs® sealing head on the CTV-SoniXs is a reconfiguration of the current SoniXs® unitizer head which has been a vital component of the Mosca unitizer program for over a decade. Customers can expect all the performance and reliability of the current SoniXs® unitzer head while accommodating the required strap patterns of small loads with a single platen hit.

This ability is essential given the increase in e-commerce shipments and related small box demand. The resulting combination of higher unit throughput and less stable units requires more straps to maintain unit load integrity. The CTV-SoniXs® maximizes the throughput of this changing product mix.

The CTV-SoniXs® includes all the popular features and options offered across the EAM-Mosca unitizer portfolio, including:

  • Mosca SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing system for zero warmup, emission-free, high strength sealing of a full range of PET and PP strapping, with a working life of many millions of cycles.
  • Single hit production of up to 220 units per hour.
  • Electric compression, infinitely adjustable from touch to 8,000 pounds
  • Precise, long-lived dual strand tangential chain driven conveyor
  • Mosca Trak diagnostics
  • Includes Dual Active Pawl and Saw-Tooth Mechanical Platen Lock-Out System
  • Additional options that allow customers to build a unitizer to meet their specific needs

The addition of the CTV-Sonixs® to EAM-Mosca’s current CTR and CTE SoniXs® unitizers provides reliable, high-speed solutions to meet virtually any corrugated sheet or box plant’s unitization requirements.


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