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Calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of equipment can be difficult to nail down, but a review of its different elements can provide valuable insight into the comparative costs and benefits of different supplier proposals. Often the initial purchase price is not an accurate indication of return on investment (ROI).

Over the past 40 years, we have used our experience and expertise to continually develop the most reliable and best-performing strapping systems to achieve the lowest TCO across our range of strapping systems for our valued customers. There are 5 main ways to calculate TCO. Read below for more information.



Top 5 Ways To Calculate TCO


01. Initial investment

It’s important to define system requirements accurately so that suppliers quote appropriate solutions. In addition to the equipment purchase price, consider space requirements, installation, and training requirements.

At EAM-Mosca, we perform an in-depth analysis of your particular application to assess what solution is required. Our engineers often customize a system to ensure the best solution rather than an inefficient one-size-fits-all approach. Up and downstream material handling equipment integrations with the strapping system also minimize production disruptions lowering costs after the initial purchase.

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02. Operating Costs

Elements of operating cost include utility costs, system speed vs. production requirements, and the cost of strapping.

System speed should match production processes with some allowance for peak requirements. Some redundancy may best serve critical processes in the system to assure the ability to meet the highest production demands.

Strapping cost is another critical variable. Unlike some strapping system suppliers, EAM-Mosca ensures the strap used is the lightest needed to secure the package without losing reliability or performance, increasing cost savings while reducing waste material.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical distributor saves over $18,000 in labor costs per year by switching to Mosca strapping equipment.

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03. Reliability

System reliability is a critical variable in investment success. Downtime can impact production quantities, costs, and customer service levels. Take the time to investigate the reliability of various manufacturers’ equipment/strap systems.

At EAM-Mosca, we offer a no-charge machine trial as a real-life demonstration of system performance and reliability. Several of our customers have found significant improvements on lines when switching out existing equipment for a Mosca strapper during their trial period.

04. Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs, including parts and labor, in-house and contracted, can vary dramatically among manufacturers. Beyond production speeds, be sure the equipment under consideration is built for the volume requirements of the operation.

Be sure to assess things like the ruggedness and accessibility of key operating components and assemblies, technical service availability and accessibility, and recommended service intervals. Suppliers that recommend monthly or quarterly service contracts vs. one that recommends semi-annual or annual planned service calls may have major differences in parts and labor costs.

A simple tip for evaluating differences in equipment is to assess the intelligent use of technology to simplify machinery mechanics. Mosca equipment, for example, uses DC direct drives instead of mechanical transmission systems, reducing wear, dirt, and noise in bundling and unitizing systems. The same goes for the SoniXs ultrasonic strap sealing system. SoniXs is cleaner, quieter, and has a typical operating life of more than 5 million cycles, much longer-lived than competitive friction and heat seal welding systems.

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Leading Global Rigid Plastic Manufacturer reduces downtime by up to 75%!

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05. Productive Life

For strapping equipment, the number of strapping cycles is a good indicator of suitability for a given application and the length of reliable service. The best choice depends on the demands of the operation.

Considering the length of productive service in buying decisions can make a difference in long-term investment success. At EAM-Mosca, we focus on demanding production requirements and experience cycle counts above a million per year commonplace. We have many machines running reliably with more than 10 million cycles and services equipment with lifetime cycle counts of more than 25 million cycles.

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Miller Poultry Low TCO Success

17-year-old strapping machine still going strong at over 39 million cycles!

“The experience at Miller Poultry is different from the norm at other firms in the industry. Where some of the larger poultry processors tend to purchase low-cost machines and replace them in a few short years, the experience at Miller Poultry is the opposite. A high-quality machine combined with regular maintenance and cleaning, along with taking the time to cover the equipment during washdown, is a realistic way to achieve the lowest cost of ownership while maintaining the high productivity levels required in a fresh poultry packing operation.”

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