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EAM-Mosca de Mexico: From Monterrey Roots to Market Mastery

For over four decades, EAM-Mosca has reigned as a premier provider of automatic strapping systems, with 25,000 machines across the Americas. Due to its unmatched dedication to strapping innovation, EAM-Mosca has a reputation as the top choice for boosting productivity and package safety. Multiple factors set them apart in an evolving market.

Since 2003, Monterrey, Mexico, has housed EAM-Mosca’s dynamic Mexico office (EAM-Mosca de Mexico). In the past two decades, the facility has evolved beyond just a sales subsidiary, experiencing a surge in staff, sales, and clients. Amidst this explosive growth, however, a core element remains the bedrock: an unwavering commitment to its customers and excellence.


History and Growth

EAM-Mosca de Mexico epitomizes dedication to strapping and more recently wrapping equipment as well. It’s transformed from a modest subsidiary to a pivotal player in Mexico’s manufacturing landscape over two decades.


From Modest Teams to Market Leaders

In 2003, EAM-Mosca’s establishment of a Monterrey facility marked a turning point. While Mexican clients had previously depended on imports from the U.S. or Germany, Mosca’s local presence dramatically changed their regional outreach. Beginning with a small, dedicated team of four to five members, they set a lofty ambition: to dominate Mexico’s market in both sales and service. 

Today, their influence stretches across Mexico, rivaling European reach. With their team expanding to 49 employees, EAM-Mosca de Mexico’s history of growth is still in its infancy.


Steady Sales Growth

Jorge Sanchez, the facility’s Operations Manager, showcased the notable ascent in sales supported in the trust of the clients, and all the effort of EAMMosca de México employees, the company projects confidence to continue growing in sales by the end of 2023.


Customer Growth and Loyalty

Though EAM-Mosca de Mexico boasts notable sales growth, the true measure of its success is its customer relationships. With 300 active customers, 85% are long-term clients, many for over two decades. Such enduring partnerships underscore the trust and quality EAM-Mosca de Mexico consistently delivers.


Operations and Infrastructure

Strong operations and infrastructure are key to a manufacturing company’s success. Since 2003, EAM-Mosca de Mexico’s efficient approach has ensured prompt, effective delivery of strapping and wrapping solutions to clients.

EAM-Mosca de Mexico, located in Monterrey’s industrial heart, is two hours from the U.S. border, offering quick access to cities like Laredo and San Antonio. This strategic positioning ensures rapid business exchanges and smooth service delivery throughout Mexico and neighboring regions. Complementing this is a widespread network of technicians, engineers, and warehouses, ensuring their top-notch strapping and wrapping solutions are always accessible to their vast clientele.

EAM-Mosca de Mexico’s expansive 2,000-square-meter facility is a testament to operational efficiency. More than just a structure, it represents the brand’s dedication to timely product distribution, expert installations, and comprehensive training. Strategically stocked with essential strapping and parts, the facility ensures prompt deliveries. While most of their equipment is from the Pennsylvania branch, contributions from Mosca Germany enrich the blend, complemented by a growing interest in German imports.

EAM-Mosca de Mexico operates in clear divisions with an emphasis on structured functionality. 49 professionals comprise the operations, finance, and sales departments. This structure also includes a 13-strong service team and a specialist overseeing distinct client projects.

EAM-Mosca de Mexico’s office extends its services beyond its home country, reaching broader Latin America. To assist and lend a technical hand to their Latin American division, countries such as Peru, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile often rely on the expertise of the Monterrey team. Furthermore, this dedicated team frequently visits regions like El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and other South American nations to offer support.


The Showroom and Expo Pack: Showcasing Excellence

EAM-Mosca de Mexico features a showroom where potential clients and those new to the brand can witness live demonstrations of their equipment and pallet stretch wrapper machines. This hands-on approach allows visitors to view machines in real-time operation, aiding in well-informed decisions. Additionally, the company marks its presence at the annual EXPO PACK trade show, which alternates between Guadalajara and Mexico City. This event becomes a platform to display the newest equipment and tech trends, highlighting their commitment to staying ahead in innovation.


Why the Mexico Facility Stands Out

From humble beginnings to rapid expansion, EAM-Mosca de Mexico has become a benchmark in the industry, representing top-tier strapping equipment and rotary ring stretch wrap systems. Let’s explore what makes this facility stand out.

EAM‐Mosca de Mexico’s partnership with a leading Mexican convenience store, showcases real-world success. Addressing customer throughput issues, EAM‐Mosca implemented high-speed strapping equipment, enhancing operation speed and reliability. Their adaptability, a hallmark of the facility, met the customer’s changing needs. The partnership now boasts over 100 machines across various outlets, and also in other industries such as pharmaceutical and ceramic floors where speed is a must.

EAM-Mosca de Mexico proudly represents the “Mosca” name. Mosca has become synonymous with reliability, reinforcing the company’s commitment to offering top-tier products.  

Personalized service sits at the core of their operations. Their approach towards customers is more of a partnership than a mere supplier-client relationship. This distinction and their ability to provide value-added services set them apart from their competitors.


Equipment Durability and Adaptable Product Offerings 

Many of EAM-Mosca’s strapping machines have recorded a staggering 10 million cycles in the field, highlighting their resilience. While competitors might tempt businesses with lower upfront costs, EAM-Mosca de Mexico’s value proposition shines in the long run—combining product longevity with unparalleled service.

EAM-Mosca de Mexico’s array of strapping machines showcase their adaptability to Mexico’s unique market demands. While upholding exceptional craftsmanship, their offerings not only meet but set industry standards, emphasizing their distinctive service approach.

EAM-Mosca de Mexico has an extensive presence from Tijuana to Merida, ensuring accessibility and fostering intimate, one-to-one client interactions throughout the country. 


A Family Atmosphere  

At EAM-Mosca de Mexico, seasoned veterans and enthusiastic newcomers form a dynamic team. Guided by their long-standing General Manager, Jose Diaz, the facility boasts a close-knit environment, promoting unity and mutual respect.


An Ambitious Expansion Roadmap 

Despite facing challenges such as product shortages, supply chain disruptions, and the complexities of globalization, EAM-Mosca de Mexico’s resilience has guided them in crafting a strategic expansion roadmap.

EAM-Mosca de Mexico plans to expand its footprint for service and sales, particularly in Mexico’s Southeast. They focus on expanding their workforce and prioritize positioning skilled professionals in every department. They’re diversifying brand collaborations, integrating a wider array of brands to cater to diverse industries, and showcasing their commitment to broadening reach and expertise.


Enhancing Product and Service Offerings for Tomorrow

EAM-Mosca aims to diversify its offerings through expanded service facilities and strategic brand partnerships. These alliances introduce products tailored to Mexico’s local and agricultural needs. Coupled with investments in automation and comprehensive training, the company ensures its team remains adept at meeting industry shifts and delivering client-centric solutions.

EAM-Mosca’s commitment to quality and availability drives their Mexican operations. Aiming for 80% sales growth by 2026, they plan on building a dedicated strap manufacturing facility. By maintaining a robust parts inventory and prioritizing service policies, the company guarantees optimal machine performance and assures clients of immediate support.


Investing in Automated Systems and Processes

EAM-Mosca de Mexico is not just looking outward; there’s a significant focus on internal revamping too. The company is exploring automated processes and systems to streamline operations. These technological integrations aim to provide precise reporting and process management, ensuring smoother, more efficient operation. Such systems aid in long-term planning, supporting various departments from sales to administration.

EAM-Mosca’s ambition continues beyond the existing markets. They’re setting their sights on industries where they desire a more substantial presence. Agriculture and agribusiness top this list, followed closely by household appliances, commodities, and aluminum bottling.


Final Remarks

EAM-Mosca de Mexico’s journey from a modest subsidiary to a market leader in end of line packaging solutions over two decades is impressive. Their commendable sales trajectory, extensive customer base with 85% long-term clients, and coverage across Mexico underscore their undeniable growth and dominance in the market.

According to Jose Diaz, General Manager, “The success of EAM-Mosca Mexico is due to the trust, confidence and support I received from EAM-Mosca Corp. founders and organization.

They believed that the skills, knowledge and experience I had 20 years ago were enough to establish a new EAM branch in Mexico. The result is this well-established EAM-Mosca subsidiary with a bright future for years to come.”

The positive momentum of EAM-Mosca de Mexico hints at a brighter future. With plans to expand into new sectors, bolster its product range, and embrace automation, the company’s forward-looking vision suggests an enduring presence and continued growth in the years ahead. 

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