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The MAX-Q: Revolutionizing Corrugated Bundler Packaging

Every cog in the wheel of the manufacturing sector plays a vital role. Yet, speed and efficiency are clearly the true barometers of success—especially in the corrugated industry. Rising to meet this need for superior performance, reliability, and speed, EAM-Mosca provides a groundbreaking solution with the innovative MAX-Q squaring bundler.

By integrating advanced simultaneous automatic strapping systems technology and precise squaring capabilities, the MAX-Q is the future of corrugated bundler technology. This innovative system optimizes bundler operations, delivering a comprehensive solution focused on improved productivity. Let’s look at how its emphasis on speed, reliability, and simplicity has changed the corrugated bundler paradigm.


Breaking Barriers:  MAX-Q Squaring Bundler

Before the introduction of EAM-Mosca’s MAX-Q squaring bundler, the speed of corrugated packaging lines faced limitations and constraints due to the ever-increasing pace of flexo-folder-gluers (FFGs) and the ever-shrinking size of corrugated bundles.  The MAX-Q ushers in a new way forward for corrugated package manufacturing with a fresh perspective by allowing the maximum production speed of small bundles due to superior bundle handling.


Shattering Speed Constraints with Innovation

Before the MAX-Q, the solution was to use two squaring bundlers in tandem systems with pacing conveyors, which are then strapped intermittently. Tandem systems still remain a viable option to keep pace with current FFGs not utilizing box-slitting devices.  The MAX-Q delivers superior performance for the fastest FFGs that feature a box slitter in the system.  It optimizes the bundling process by reducing the distance that bundles (especially small bundles) need to travel, minimizing skewed and toppled bundles.  A significant increase in production is realized because the slit bundles arrive at the strapper together after exiting a box-slitting device and are then strapped simultaneously.


Optimizing Space: The Additional Advantage of Shorter Paths

In the world of packaging, the shortest path to a solution isn’t always about moving faster—it’s about working smarter. As mentioned, MAX-Q employs this philosophy because it reduces the distance a bundle needs to travel prior to strapping.  But along with the reduced path/distance advantage, the shortened travel distance also reduces the footprint of a Max-Q by 48% compared to a Tandem bundler system.


Reinventing Packaging: How EAM-Mosca’s MAX-Q was Developed

EAM-Mosca has long been a pioneer in corrugated packaging, constantly pushing the boundaries to meet the industry’s escalating demands and deeply understanding its customers.


Rooted in Historical Expertise and Understanding

Deeply ingrained in EAM-Mosca’s legacy is its vast experience with FFG lines, which transform corrugated sheets into finished boxes. This longstanding knowledge formed the foundation for creating the MAX-Q. By rearranging existing technology rather than introducing entirely new systems and capitalizing on proven, reliable components in a smarter configuration, the MAX-Q leverages EAM-Mosca’s robust history while pushing the envelope for the future.


Translating Numbers into Innovation

By listening to customers and using its historical expertise, EAM-Mosca designed a smaller, smarter machine with tangible, quantifiable improvements. This revolutionary device enhances throughput by an impressive 50%, increasing output from 32 to 48 bundles per minute. The MAX-Q also significantly reduces unstrapped bundle transit distance, trimming it by up to 74%. As mentioned above, the footprint is 48% of the previous state-of-the-art system.

How it Works

Let’s examine how this system operates and see why it has the transformative potential to impact the manufacturing industry.


The Workings of a Two-in-One System

The MAX-Q’s unique “two-in-one” system offers an advanced approach to bundle handling. It cleverly perceives split boxes as a single entity receiving dual strapping, increasing efficiency without compromising accuracy. Equipped with two TS-6 SoniXs strappers, the MAX-Q flexibly adjusts to accommodate varying bundle sizes, demonstrating remarkable adaptability in a high-speed strapping environment.


Superior Strapping with SoniXs Sealing Technology

At the heart of the MAX-Q is the superior standard 6 SoniXs sealing technology, bringing the same high quality that characterizes the SQ4A Tandem System. The bundle size determines the machine and strap spacing, allowing simultaneous application of straps to both bundles. Bundle pairs arrive together in the strapper system, optimally streamlining the process.


Compact Design with a Smaller Footprint

Ingeniously designed, the MAX-Q boasts a smaller footprint than the SQ4 Tandem, attributed to its shorter lengthwise system. All necessary conveyors, including a unique patented conveyor curtain that automatically adjusts based on box size, fit perfectly within the main chassis, trimming the total line length from 160.8 inches to a compact 83.6 inches. This design translates into a compact yet potent squaring and strapping system that excels in operational efficiency.


Built on Proven Technologies

The MAX-Q doesn’t just integrate technologies; it enhances them. With the incorporation of the third-generation squaring system design and the SoniXs Series 6 Ultrasonic Sealing Head, this machine significantly amplifies productivity. It accelerates throughput by applying two straps at once. Furthermore, maintenance is a breeze due to the additional TS-6 SoniXs Strapper, a pair of transfer carts, and a diagnostic strapper station.


Key Standard Features

Let’s review some of the MAX-Q’s key features that make it a force in the strapping landscape.


1. Continual Operation

With two strappers in operational positions and one spare, the MAX-Q system ensures maximum uptime, facilitating 24/7 operations. The result is unmatched productivity, critical in today’s demanding manufacturing environments.

2. Efficiency with SoniXs Sealing and Dual Dispenser

Incorporating the superior quality of SoniXs sealing technology with an automatic coil-changing dual dispenser streamlines the strapping process, enhancing efficiency and precision. The all-electric system also adds sustainability while contributing to its reliability and operational smoothness.

3. Simplified Maintenance: Seamless Access and Strapper Transfer

The innovative design of the MAX-Q simplifies maintenance with features like double doors for easy access, a strapper transfer cart that slots effortlessly into place, and a seamless rail system for quick strapper positioning.

4. Flexible Configuration and Superior Control

The MAX-Q features two independent strappers separate from the main chassis, ensuring flexibility and adaptability. Furthermore, each TS-6 SoniXs strapper fits the left or right position, so it can be easily swapped out for service when needed, and a ready strapper slid in to replace it. The system also supports single-strap and simultaneous double-strap operations.


Key Takeaways: The MAX-Q Advantage

EAM-Mosca’s MAX-Q squaring bundler catalyzes a transformation in corrugated bundle packaging, epitomizing inventive design. It streamlines efficiency by escalating throughput and reducing floor space. Moreover, as it outperforms conventional bundlers, the MAX-Q provides a robust, future-proof solution in a swiftly evolving market.

The MAX-Q’s success extends beyond impressive metrics. This machine, with its sharp focus on safety and accessibility, ensures seamless operation. Its ability to control smaller boxes— is an essential feature – needed in today’s market place. In addition, its thoughtful, enclosed design further exemplifies EAM-Mosca’s dedication to safety.

The MAX-Q isn’t just another bundler—it represents EAM-Mosca’s tangible commitment to listening to its customers and elevating industry standards by intertwining efficiency, reliability, and quality.

The Max-Q was introduced at SuperCorr 2021.  Since then, there are many Max-Q’s running in the field and many more on order. 

Call today to learn more about the Max-Q and see if it would be a good fit for your operation. 


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