MAX-Q SoniXs®

Squaring Bundler With Simultaneous Strapping.

Strap up to 48 Bundles Per Minute!

The patent-pending MAX-Q SoniXs® fully enclosed squaring and strapping system simultaneously squares and straps bundle pairs while keeping them together upon exiting a box slitter,  gaining bundle control while also dramatically increasing throughput.

Built on the proven technology found in our SQ4 Tandem system, the MAX-Q SoniXs® features two active and one spare TS-6 strapper, a maintenance station to test and perform regular maintenance, and two transfer carts to easily remove and slot strappers into place inside the main chassis. With its unique curtain conveyor, the system boasts a compact 84.2” line length, a 48% line length reduction compared to the SQ4 Tandem System.

Key Features

Sonixs Icon

SoniXs® Technology

Fully Automatic

Squaring System

Up to 48 Units/Minute

Track Width 1650mm

Product Information

System Includes:

  • Main Enclosure Chassis with squaring
  • (3) TS-6 Strappers (one spare)
  • (1) Maintenance Station to test and perform regular maintenance
  • (2) Transfer Carts for easy removal and replacement of TS-6 strappers

Production Rate: Up to 48 Simultaneously strapped and squared bundles per minute

Product Size: See Product Brochure

Track Size: 1650mm x 600mm (65” x 23 1/2” )
Electrical: 200 – 575V 50/60 Hz, 1.5 KVA, 3 Ph.

Conveyor: TS-6 Strappers: Extruded splined roller conveyor 

Conveyor Speed: Variable 30 – 180 FPM
Conveyor Height:
30.2” – 38.5

Strapping: Standard: PP – 5mm (other widths available)
Strap Tension: Infinitely adjustable from 10 – 60 Lbs. Strap Seal SoniXs® Ultrasonic seal with DC brushless direct-drive motor
Seal Location: Bottom center seal
Machine Shipping Weight: Approx. 8000 Lbs. 

Versions and Options

Included Features:

  • Spare TS-6 Strapper
  • Two Transfer Carts
  • Maintenance Station
  • Two Dual Coil Dispensers With Auto Coil Changers
  • Bundle Size Data Transfer Via External Input
  • Remote Support
  • Cat III Safety Circuit
  • Under Table Lighting
  • Light Tower
  • RAL7035 Paint Color As Standard

Additional Options:

  • Custom Interface(s)
  • Extended Floor Rails
  • Powered Lateral Motion



MAX-Q Product Brochure


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  • Machine Type: Squaring Bundler
  • Ingrates With: Box Slitter, Bundle Breaker
  • Track Size (W x H): 1650mm x 600mm
  • Table Type: Powered Roller Conveyor
  • Strap Size: 5 - 12mm
  • Strap Type: PP or PET
  • Strap Seal: SoniXs®
  • Seal Location: Bottom
  • Production Rate: Up to 48 Simultaneously Strapped BPM
  • Strap Placement: Perpendicular to Flute/Transport Direction

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Chief Buyer, OXXO
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MRO Technical Buyer
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Project Manager, Distribution & Facility Engineering, AmerisourceBergen
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Maintenance Manager, Mickey’s Linen
With all the trouble we had with other arch strapping machines, I had gone to IWF looking for alternatives for our packaging.…

President and Owner, Norton-Smith Hardwoods Corporation
Feed reliability is light years better than the prior equipment!

Molded Plastic Packaging Company