Strapping Machines

Mosca Strapping Systems for Various Applications

Since 1982, EAM-Mosca Corporation has been providing strapping equipment, strapping materials, parts, and service. As an industry leader, we offer innovative solutions that maximize speed, productivity, and reliability for businesses in a variety of industries.

Operator Cycled – Manual and Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Our operator-cycled, arch-less or table-top, walk-up or in-line bundlers offer easy-to-use operator panels and choice of foot bar or footswitch for machine cycle start. Many models can be easily moved where needed. These manual or semi-automatic strapping systems are designed for low-volume applications at entry-level price points and ideal for unconventional products, or backup for seasonal use. Appropriate for products that require manual handling.

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Fully Automatic

Our operatorless, fully automatic strapping systems feature programmable controls, photo-eye cycle starts, and options to indicate if a coil change is needed, or starts a new coil automatically. Suitable for all industries, automatic solutions can maximize a product line’s throughput and minimize back-ups. A wide variety of footprint, arch size, and sealer positions ensure your products are moved efficiently through the end-of-line process.

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Squaring Bundlers

Our squaring bundlers improve corrugated bundles for stable pallet loads that minimize edge damage. Each system properly aligns bundles and stabilizes them for the strapping sequence. Operator assisted, and fully automatic programmable systems are available with choices in product flow direction, speed, and changeover procedures.

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Unitizer Strapping Systems

Our unitizers feature load stabilizers for up to 10,000 pounds of uniform compression with the choice of hydraulic or electric power supply for large pallet load and shipping units. Options include pallet lances for through the void strapping, material handling, and internal turntables for cross strapping.

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Conveying and Turning Equipment

To complete your system, EAM-Mosca offers powered and gravity entry and exit conveyors with controls to integrate your production lines with your strapping equipment. 90-degree transfer or bump turn options can rotate products for cross strapping or divert for storage or shipment. Conveyors and turning options can be fully integrated into an existing or new line.

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Strapping Materials

We manufacture embossed polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) straps for enhanced machine reliability. Ideal for high-speed bundling, PP is typically used for light to medium-tension bundles. PET is well suited for heavy-duty applications and features a high joint-strength and stretch resistance to maintain load stability. A number of sizes, colors, and break strengths for both PP and PET materials are available on coils sized for Mosca strapping machines.

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As an industry leader, we offer innovative solutions that maximize speed, productivity, and reliability for businesses in a variety of industries.

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